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Our Client says

Emma Chang

Business Owner

Software Development Company


"Ace Max team are very careful with our stuffs during the entire process, truly a team that is committed on their Values!"

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Our Commitment

Jayden Wong

Telco Partner 


"During the event setup process, we encountered some issue with our setup at the venue. Ace Max team went through much effort & hassle to help us resolve the problems, we were then able to setup the event, thank you!"

Joyce Ong


Government Sector


"Yes, I will recommend Ace Max. The service team is responsive and note our requirements well."

Logan Lu Yi Chen

Operations Manager

Facial Product Company


"Delivery is not simply a point A to point B matter, there are more to it & I'm impressed with how this team helps to resolve the issues, really appreciate"

Lucas Aw


Business Owner


"Ace Max team helps to provide solutions when there's unforeseen issue, I really like their professionalism that comes so naturally!"

Xu Xin Tong

VP Marketing & Sales

Banking Sector


"I will recommend Ace Max as transportation provider, they are friendly, reliable, pro-active, and will take initiative should there be any problems."

gallery/feedback 3
gallery/feedback 2
gallery/feedback 1

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